nora kinnunen


ON THE EDGE exhibition


13 June – 8 July 2012. Open Wednesday – Sunday 10am-4pm (closed Mondays and Tuesdays).

At Hilltop on Tamborine Gallery, 1525 Tamborine Oxenford Road, Tamborine Mountain. Tel 5545 1424.

This is an exhibition of furniture and objects, produced by an assembly of skills enacted by Deka Design’s Lasse and Helena Kinnunen, and curated by me. Deka Design is an advocate of a culturally relevant built environment and encourages the use of local and recycled materials, local craftsmanship and a design aesthetic that is complementary of Australian, and in particular Queensland’s sub-tropical architecture.

ON THE EDGE aims to promote a new direction for design by invoking the tradition of the craftsman’s hand. The works on show combine endangered skills with considered design to create furniture and objects of interest, beauty and longevity. The works include unique interior objects and production furniture pieces for use in residential and commercial interiors.

On the edge of a new direction or on the brink of crisis?

ON THE EDGE performs as a visual display of crisis at the crossroads, presenting that which may either become obsolete, or celebrate that which, through a new design direction, may become the sustainable and desirable alternative.

As designers and manufacturers of consumer products we are greatly responsible for the future sustainability, or unsustainabilit, of our designed world. With this exhibition I endeavoured to bring into visibility the handmade, to celebrate the craftsmanship, the emotional and the material in a hope to instruct our consumer habits towards sustaining futures.